Decorating Your Nursery with Rugs


The right rug can really tie a room together, bringing a room from ordinary to extraordinary, they can add that needed pop of colour and they come in a ton of different sizes and shapes, fitting into any space.


This nursery used a simple three colour scheme (4 if you include white), pretty much anyone can do this, just pick 3 different colours that you like and pick a simple base colour like black, white, or even wood for your furniture. Picking a colour scheme makes it easy to shop, and for others to shop for you as well.

The polka dot rug adds a punch of fun to the room, that their beige carpet wouldn’t have been able to add on it’s own.

The chevron rug really ties the room together, having a large rug with the colours of the room in it makes the room look friendly and fun, without that rug this room would not be the same.


Momeni Funky Rug – Starting at $159

Momeni Oriental Kids Rug – Starting at $189

Momeni Surfer Rug – Starting at $189